Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information safe?

At Final Wish the security of your wishes is of paramount importance to us and we take extensive precautions with SSL and encryption to protect your information. See Privacy Statement for more details.

Is the information stored at Final Wish legally binding?

No. The services we provide at Final Wish are not meant to replace a will. Final Wish does not purport or advise its clients not to have a legally prepared will. In fact Final Wish strongly advises our clients to do so. Think of us as a means to share your personal wishes, while saving your loved ones money and providing them peace of mind.

How Much information do I have to store?

As little or as much information as you feel comfortable. There is a questionnaire that will help assist you with what information you may want to store and the photos and music you upload is totally up to the member. Some members just want to let people know they want to be cremated and that is it. Other members will store a lot more information; it is totally up to the member.

Can my confidant change my wishes?

No. When you assign a confidant and they accept they will set up their very own free account, which is for viewing purposes only at the time of your passing. They will not be able to edit any final wishes you have chosen. If they access your final wishes at any time an email will be sent alerting you the confidant has accessed your account. You will have 24 hours before the confidant has full access to remove them if necessary.

What if I do not have or want a confidant?

No problem. Members can choose not to assign a confidant and can set up a separate account using another email. They can write the login and password for this account where they have accepted to be the Confidant in the form of a letter. This letter should be stored with other important documents that would be found at the time of the members passing.

How do you know when I have passed away?

When the confidant or anyone with the non- editing login and password (in cases where a confidant was not assigned) accesses the members final wishes they will be asked to confirm the member has in fact died and the actual date of their passing.

Do I have to own the photos and music I upload?

Yes. Members must be the lawful owners of the photos and music they upload to their account. By uploading files to a Final Wish account, members are confirming that they have acquired those files legally and that they have the right to post them.

How long is my information stored?

As long as you are a member. Most information is stored for 1 year after the time of your passing. Although the My Story page including a short biography is stored with us forever. It is a way to archive the member’s story for future generations to view and learn the story of your life written by you.

Will you store login and passwords for Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter?

At this time we do not store Social Media Login and Passwords. We provide a place for our members to decide what they would like to happen with their accounts i.e. create a RIP page or shut down their accounts at specific times. We recommend our members keep their Login and Passwords in the form of a letter that will be found at the time of their passing.

Do you store credit card information on your site?

No we do not store CC or Banking information on our site. We use Secure websites like Paypal and Stripe to handle all our financial transactions.

Does Final Wish sell or share member’s contact information to advertisers?

Final Wish will never sell or share your information with advertisers, or any third parties.

My husband and I share the same email address; can we both create an account?

Every account on Final Wish needs to have its own email address. There are services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail that allow you to create free email accounts.

Why should I upload pictures if they’re already on my computer?

Think of Final Wish as a place to store those special photos. By creating galleries and a slideshow with music you are sharing the photos that are important to you. Also, people may not know where to find these photos on your computer.

What if one of my Confidants gets a new email address?

On the My Profile page there is a place to Remove A Confidant. Just click here enter their email address and they will be deleted. Then click on the Add Confidant button and send the request with their new email. Please note that sometimes emails get flagged as Spam so Final Wish recommends you contact the person to let them know you have made the request and to look for the email.

Is there a way for Confidants to view my information with permission prior to my passing?

Yes when they go to access your wishes an email is sent to you to say they have attempted to view your information. A 24 hour clock is started before they gain access. If you choose to let them view your information just click Allow Confidant Access under their name in the list of Confidants. You can deny access at any time by clicking Deny Confidant Access.

How do I change my email and password?

To change your email address choose edit settings in the My Profile section, enter the new email address and click Save. To change your Password click on Forgot Your Password on the Login page. You will be asked to submit your current email used for setting up your Final Wish account. An email will be sent to this address. Click on the link and you will be asked to enter a new password.

How do you cancel your account?

To cancel your account or for any other questions and concerns email

Do you have an App available for Final Wish?

Final Wish is available on all devices and the Final Wish App will be Coming Soon!

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